2018 Intention Reading

A digital tarot + energy reading to embrace the year ahead

This new year brings a new opportunity for major change, and deep internal growth. What dreams do you desire to unfold? What seeds are you planting? This tarot and energy reading taps into your subconscious, and helps you to set deep intentions for the year ahead. What does 2018 have in store for you? 

This digital reading includes:

  • Your Major Arcana tarot card for the year and insight on how to work with this archetype.

  • A channeled tarot-based Vision Reading that offers insight into your subconscious, insight on steps forward, a manifesting mantra, and other magic tools to work with.

Embrace the year ahead with confidence and power by tapping into your desires, designing your intentions, and manifesting your vision. $85 Exchange.

Note: Please submit any questions you have for the year, or anything that you are looking to manifest in 2018.

Note: All readings will be sent via email by the end of December.