Full Moon in Taurus Energy Reading

It is time to finally release the illusion that you are not all that you need, that you are not enough to receive what you need. You may feel like you are really going through it right now, and that is true in a sense, the transition from bright to dark can be a difficult one. Embrace the darkness, welcome it in, examine it and where it comes from. It is all you.

You are surrounded by love, you are surrounded by all of the resources you could need — please see that. Love is not finite — people don’t always love us the way we love them, people don’t always see us the way we know we are — the important thing is that you love yourself and know you are worthy of love. The important thing is that you know yourself.

Though you may feel heavy right now, stay playful. Happiness and growth comes when we share all of ourselves. Embrace your true wealth through heartfelt celebration.

Base: Five of Pentacles
Energies: Eros, Structure
Lesson: Dog, Ten of Fossils


Full Moon in Taurus

Lauren Cucinotta