Full Supermoon in Gemini Energy Reading

This moon marks the beginning of an in-between time — we are ready for what’s next, but we are being told to hold our ground, to wait to take action on what we now know to be true.

We must wait for all that holds us back to continue to fall away. Accept defeat for things that didn’t work in the past, and allow relationships, ideas, structures to fall around us. We don’t have to fight for their defeat. Anything that doesn’t serve you will fall away now — you don’t need to fight every battle to win.

Remember what you learn from moments of stillness and contemplation, you learn the most by exploring the depths of yourself. Listen carefully to your own inner counsel, trust your intuition and dreams, and take this time to align yourself to the feeling of truth that resides within before the next year springs us into action.

Tarot Spread:
Base: Princess of Swords
Energies: Defeat, Juno
Lesson: Loon, Four of Feathers


Supermoon in Gemini

Lauren Cucinotta