Capricorn New Moon Energy Reading

With this first new moon of 2018 we ask the cards: What do you desire me to step into this new moon?

And they answer: At the beginning of this new year you have built the foundation of a bright future and now is the time to dream. Your manifestations for the year are not done yet. You have planned planned planned — but have you really sat and dreamed?

Really think about it — What are you working for? What is it all for? You have built a solid foundation from which to jump from but now is the time to be quiet, to go to your depths and add your big dreams to your new year manifestations and plans. You have the practical down but let your desires soar.

Go deep into your own soul and dream, let yourself go — open yourself to dreams and visions that will truly inspire you. Take the time and wander in this new world that you are creating. Let yourself go to the edge of your desire — open yourself up to whatever exists there.


Base: Three of Pentacles

Energies: Lilith, Communication

Journey: Three of Pipes

Lauren Cucinotta