Leo Full Moon Eclipse Energy Reading

The double wig reveal...

This upcoming full moon on January 31st has so many things going for it celestially and astrologically that it’s hard to keep track. Celestially, it’s a blue moon (when two full moons happen in a month) a blood moon (when it appears red because of refracted sunlight from an eclipse) and a total lunar eclipse... Now say all that five times fast.

Astrologically it’s in Leo and is tied to the solar eclipse we had in Leo in August 2017. Whatever was brought forth for us during that time will be a lesson to look at now.

When I pulled cards for this moon it’s all like “What are you waiting for?” We’re at a place now where we want to be happy, we are truly looking to live the life that makes us (and I mean you, you, and you, because it’s all different) happy. But it’s not like we can desire that and it happens. This is a time to look at the work you’ve done and the work you’ve been doing to reach your goal. Reflect back on that eclipse in August — what have you learned since then? How have you connected to yourself and desires? If that is something you haven’t done, take the time to do that now. This moon is an opportunity to truly love ourselves in a deep way, but that takes hard work and will continue to. This moon won’t just give you what you want, it will reveal to you all of the work you have been doing. The reward for that is an open path forward - we are all moving towards a new phase, a New Age, feeling more at one with ourselves, and how we are connected to the world. Absorb the lessons of the past six months and become part of our global transformation by sharing what you’ve learned with the world.

The Cards —

Base: Ten of Cups

Energies: Waning Gibbous, Endurance

Lesson: Two of Feathers, Heron

Path: Dancer, The World

Lauren Cucinotta