November 2018 Tarotscopes

November 2018 Tarotscope....The Moon; Autumn, 8 🌑 The keyword for this month is Shift. The Moon card in the tarot is perfect for Scorpio season, it is a card of deep evaluation, deep thoughts, and diving into the subconscious. We are being asked to BE HERE NOW. Dive deep into where you have arrived to now, the abundance and fullness that you have created for yourself. The Autumn card calls us to look around at our bounty, and The Moon is calling us to look deep. We are simply being asked to be present in the reality that we have created for ourselves.

Aries November 2018 Tarotscope... The Chariot; Fire, 18 🔥 Look how far you’ve come Aries. With The Chariot as your primary card this month, supported by Fire, some accomplishment of yours is coming to the forefront. You have accomplished something big and should be proud of yourself. The support of Fire is readying you to really feel this success, and prepare for future changes.

Taurus November 2018 Tarotscope... Four of Cups; Late Summer, 29 🥤 Have you really looked around at what you have Taurus? With the Four of Cups as your main card you may not be loving all that you see. Supported by Late Summer, realize that what you have now is a result of many desires that you have had, and nothing to be disappointed over. Look harder.

Gemini November 2018 Tarotscope... High Priestess; Visionary, 49 👁️ It’s finally getting clear for you Gemini. It’s time to finally really see. With High Priestess as your primary card, it’s time to see clearly now and tap into your intuition. You know what needs to be done, with Visionary supporting you, you also see what needs to be done. No need to take action now, just look around at the reality of the situation.

Cancer November 2018 Tarotscope... Two of Pentacles; Plant Medicine, 36 🌱 You may feel like you’ve been having to do it all Cancer, with Two of Pentacles as your primary card. Balancing the weight of the world on your shoulders, and handling it well. Time to take a break. With Plant Medicine supporting you, time to stop in the middle for a second, connect yourself to the earth, to the core and root of what you love and why you’ve been doing all of this in the first place.

Leo November 2018 Tarotscope... Page of Discs; Forgiveness, 19 💨 You’re starting over once again Leo, with Page of Discs as your primary card this month. It is a month of endings and beginnings with Forgiveness supporting you, it’s time to end that conflict and begin anew. Release yourself from the bitterness of the past so you can step forward on this new journey unburdened.

Virgo November 2018 Tarotscope... The Sun; Healer, 25 🌞 Wow Virgo, you are feeling good this month. With The Sun as your primary card, you feel like everything is coming up you. With Healer supporting you, it seems that things that got to you before no longer do. You have simply released them. Enjoy your moment in the sun.

Libra November 2018 Tarotscope... The Fool; Great Mother, 22 🌼 This month Libra, you are being asked to surrender to the power of you. With The Fool as your primary card, all you need to do is step off that cliff and believe. Surrender. Be. Great Mother supports you and is asking you to simply trust and that abundance and unconditional love is always there for you.

Scorpio November 2018 Tarotscope... Six of Swords; Intention, 28 ⚔️ It’s still your month Scorpio, and things finally feel like they are looking up for you. With Six of Swords as your primary card, you’ll be feeling much lighter on your journey. Now with Intention supporting you, you are being asked what do you want to attract next? What new energy are you bringing in this month?

Sagittarius November 2018 Tarotscope... Knight of Wands; Ancestors, 6 👵🏻 As you dive with power into this next step of your life, as your card of the month the Knight of Wands is asking you to do, remember the long lineage you have supporting you. We may not always feel connected to our birth family, but in your DNA lies that the power and resolve that you are feeling now, and it supports you on your journey. Remember that.

Capricorn November 2018 Tarotscope... Two of Wands; Late Summer, 29 🌳 You have so much to look forward to Capricorn. With Two of Wands as your primary card this month, you are looking forward to all the possibilities of the future and you are excited. Late Summer has supported you and you have seen the result of your hard work, and you can’t wait for what’s next.

Aquarius November 2018 Tarotscope... The Emperor; Mastery, 32 👑 With The Emperor as your card of the month, and Mastery supporting you, it’s clear that you are coming into your power. The truth is that it was always there, you simply needed to feel it. Accept your experience of life as it is and you have mastered it. Believe that you have the opportunity to approach all things in a powerful way.

Pisces November 2018 Tarotscope... Death; Union, 48 🐍 Death is the card of Scorpio, the season we are currently in, a fellow water sign, and you are feeling this transformation that death brings hard. It’s a particularly big shedding month for you Pisces but it brings all good things. It brings a union of self, and the realization that you are all you need.

Lauren Cucinotta