Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse Reading


New moons are about starting fresh and planting new seeds. Their energy lasts for about a month. Full moons are about releasing energy and their influence is felt most strongly around the actual days of the full moon. While we measure time with months, we measure our souls with the moon. Paying attention to the moon’s cycles puts us more in touch with ourselves and the ebbs and flows of our own energetic body and feelings.

This moon is about showing you what you really want. With the Ace of Cups at the base, it’s about connecting to those things that bring you the most joy - while one aspect may be Marie Kondo’ing your apartment, you should also be doing it to your life. Stop listening to your brain for one second and listen to your heart. What you want will come in quick revelations to you now, but you know they were there all along, they simply needed the right time to be revealed.

Now that you know what you want, with the Six of Stones as the path forward now, you are being asked to come into balance with what you give and receive. Offer your heart and what you can give to the world, but save some for yourself. Share with the world, but with healthy boundaries.

This moon is teaching you about discernment — anything is possible but what is the past that is best for you and will serve your highest and best? This is what will be on your mind with the energy of this moon.

Base: Ace of Cups
Energies: Communication, Lunar Eclipse
Path: Six of Stones
Reason: 56, Elixir/Fruit Essence

Lauren Cucinotta