April 2018 Tarotscopes

April: Princess of Pentacles, Love
April is a month where we need to let things go, to surrender to what actually is. We’ve spent the past months working very hard to build something, to get somewhere, and we need to stop for a second here in April to realize where we have actually arrived at. With the Princess of Pentacles as the primary card for the month, rest assured that you have arrived somewhere and all of that work has built you a solid foundation. The secondary card of Love is asking you to look at everything with a slightly critical eye to see if it’s something you actually want.

Keyword: Surrender

Aries: Seven of Cups, Birth
You may not want it, but you are birthing something new this month. With the Seven of Cups as your primary card, you may be feeling a little all over the place, and a feeling of just floating underwater. With the secondary card of Birth, you must trust the confusion of this month to come out clearer on the other side.

Keyword: Trust

Taurus: Queen of Pentacles, Support
This month is one for you to confirm the strength of who you are. With the Queen of Pentacles as your primary card, it’s time to feel the beauty and abundance of all that you are. Your secondary card of Support literally supports this in all that you do. You are supported in all that you choose to build this month.

Keyword: Support

Gemini: Two of Pentacles, Structure
This is a transitional month for you Gemini, one where you will working through balancing many things in your life and trying to find a structure that really supports you. The primary card of the Two of Pentacles is teaching you how to do this and the secondary card of Structure is asking you to ask yourself what works and what doesn’t.

Keyword: Balance

Cancer: Five of Swords, Rest
You’ve been going hard Cancer and you are truly feeling it. When we feel attacked, sometimes the best thing to do is rest, and allow it all to go away. Your primary card of the Five of Swords shows that you are feeling a bit wounded this month. Don’t fret, it’s not forever. Take a break, be with your feelings, and let the pain dissolve.

Keyword: Rest

Leo: Ten of Pentacles, Structure
Leo, this a month to truly appreciate what you have. With the Ten of Pentacles as your primary card it’s all about settling in to the abundance that you have. With Structure as your supporting card it’s about being in a structure that supports your heart, soul, and wallet. Take comfort in all you have and enjoy that for a while.

Keyword: Home

Virgo: Justice, Choice
This is a crossroads month for you Virgo, with Justice as your primary card it is a time to figure out if you are in the right place for you. Is this really what you want to be doing? The secondary card of Choice supports this and is giving you the opportunity to look around at a few different options to decide what is best for you.

Keyword: Crossroads

Libra: Eight of Swords, Love
Sometimes you need to escape the complexity of your own mind Libra and see everything for what it really is. With the Eight of Swords as your primary card, you need to let go of a lot of the overthinking that has been holding you down. The secondary card of Love is asking you to feel through these emotions rather than rationalize your way through them. You’ll feel much lighter if you do.

Keyword: Feel

Scorpio: Nine of Swords, Communication
It seems like a lot of things have been getting twisted lately Scorpio and with the Nine of Swords as your primary card you may be feeling some anxiety around it. Communication as your supporting card is asking you to step up your game — clear communication is the key to unraveling all of these issues and you may realize it’s all been a simple misunderstanding.

Keyword: Clarity

Sagittarius: Eight of Swords, Self-Doubt
You desire freedom this month Sagittarius but you may be a bit confused with where you want to take it. With the Eight of Swords as your primary card, it’s clear you want to break free from something you feel has been holding you back but with Self-Doubt as your supporting card you feel like you don’t know exactly how. Don’t focus on the how right now just focus on the feeling of what you want and the how will become clear soon enough.

Keyword: Break free

Capricorn: Empress, Choice
A big choice of how you want to feel in your life will approach you this month Capricorn. With Empress as your primary card you feel very wrapped up in the realm of the body and home. With the secondary card of Choice you are being the opportunity to choose in how you want to move forward with something, and especially on how you want to feel about it.

Keyword: Choice

Aquarius: Ten of Wands, Birth
Aquarius, with the Ten of Wands as your primary card, you’ve been carrying a burden that is not yours to carry. What if you just let it all go? With the secondary card of Birth you are being given the opportunity to begin again, to be re-birthed, but remember that no one ever said that was going to be easy. Take this change as a positive thing.

Keyword: Transform

Pisces: Six of Wands, Fire
Pisces you are really feeling yourself this month and you should! With the Six of Wands as your primary card, you are feeling the need to get out there and be big. The secondary card of Fire is the literal fire under your ass pushing you out there. This feeling is something different for you but just embrace it and go with it.

Keyword: Movement


Lauren Cucinotta