Taurus New Moon Energy Reading


What seeds are we planting this new moon? What is this moon asking us to learn and step into? With the base card as the King of Cups, we must step into the call of our own hearts. It is time to be the master of our own selves. With the energy of Forgive surrounding you, you must let go of what comes up for you now, and it may be a lot. Deep emotions reveal themselves to be forgiven and let go. With the Magician as an additional energy, you are being asked to not forget what brought you here, what is the magic that
you have inside that needs to be shown.

The path forward now takes inspiration from the Exemplar of Arrows — revisit your last lessons and past hurts so that you know what you’ve learned. You have been through it and have the scars to show for it. Speak your truth. Listen to your truth. It will forge your path forward now, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

New Moon Mantra: I listen to my heart and allow the emotions that I feel to move through me now.

Base: King of Cups
Energies: Forgive, Magician
Path: Exemplar of the Arrows

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Lauren Cucinotta