June 2018 Tarotscopes

🌙 June 2018 Tarotscope... Six of Arrows, Endurance ✨ June is a month of big release. With the Six of Arrows as the primary card, we are moving on both physically and mentally from all that’s been holding us back. The struggle is ended. It’s a gentle release, one that will go softly. With the supporting card of Endurance, we are in it for the long run. This release will last for a while and feel like we have passed the worst of it. What are you ready to stop clutching on to and simply let go of and let fade into the background?

🔥 Aries June 2018 Tarotscopes...The World/Dancer, Grieve 💦 This is a month of big endings and big beginnings for you Aries. With The World as your primary card, doors are closing and doors are opening. With Grieve supporting you, you are being fully supported in really letting go. Feel the fullness of this release, it really is all behind you now and you have so much in front of you.

☀️ Taurus June 2018 Tarotscope... The Sun, Move On 💨 With The Sun as your primary card this month Taurus, you have an opportunity for rebirth. Shed your old habits and free yourself from limitations. Express your true self with a new creative burst of energy. The card Move On is supporting you in your full release. Don’t look back.

⚡️Gemini June 2018 Tarotscope... The Tower, It Gets Better 💜 This will be a month of cleansing Gemini. With The Tower as your primary card it’s time to finally clear away those old patterns that you have used only to protect yourself. A new day is dawning with the support of the It Gets Better card. You are constantly creating your life through every word, step, and action. Be sure that it is the life you want.

🔥 Cancer June 2018 Tarotscope... Exemplar of Pipes, Endurance 👍🏽 You can do this Cancer, I️ believe in you. With the Exemplar of Pipes as your primary card, please know that you have truly earned your place in the world. The Endurance card supports you. Reflect, be thankful for all you have accomplished. As you continue to move through the world, remember to share all that you have learned. The world wants to hear it.

💜 Leo June 2018 Tarotscope... High Priestess/Seeker, Light ✨ Seek the truth in everything this month Leo. With the High Priestess as your primary card, it’s time to let your intuition guide you and to allow for things around you to how they truly are, not how you want or perceive them to be. With Light as your supporting card, this truth is one that will serve you well in the long run.

🌎 Virgo June 2018 Tarotscope... Ten of Stones, Choice 🌟 Look at all you have accomplished Virgo! The Ten of Stones is your primary card because you need to be reminded of that. You are reaping the rewards of your harvest, accept the recognition. With the card Choice supporting you there is a choice to be made here somewhere, but I️ have a feeling you know what it is. Don’t you want to feel good?

🙏🏼 Libra June 2018 Tarotscope... Emperor/Command, Trust ☝🏽Believe in yourself Libra. With Emperor/Command as your primary card this month, it is you who is in control of your own destiny. The secondary card of Trust is asking you to trust yourself and this innate power you hold inside of you.

⚡️Scorpio June 2018 Tarotscope... Seven of Arrows, Truth 💦 Scorpio, I’m feeling a conflict with you of what you are doing, and what you want. The truth will set you free. With the primary card of the Seven of Arrows, it is time to show people the wisdom and truth of what you do, time to stop hiding. Your secondary card of Truth is supporting this release.

✌🏽Sagittarius June 2018 Tarotscope... Peacemaker, Spirit 🌙 I️ feel you in the middle of some vague conflict Sagittarius but remember with Peacemaker as your primary card you have all the tools you need to move through this with ease. With Spirit as your supporting card, rest easy knowing you have the tools to move through whatever you are moving through with grace.

🐣 Capricorn June 2018 Tarotscope... Balance, Begin 🕸 With Balance as your main card, everything is in its place this month Capricorn. Now that you’ve found solid ground, you are actually being pushed to do even more, can you believe it?! With Begin as the card supporting you this month, now is actually the perfect time, even though it may not feel that way.

👶🏻 Aquarius June 2018 Tarotscope... The Fool, Structure 🏡 It’s time to let loose Aquarius. You are itching to break free, to start, to forge your own path. Do you actually realize that you can do that? With Structure as the supporting card this month, you are being asked to make your own way. It’s what you’ve been waiting for.

🐟 Pisces June 2018 Tarotscope... Six of Stones, Romance 🌹 Relax into what you have this month Pisces. With the Six of Stones as your primary card, you are in balance and being asked to give as much as you have been given. That is true abundance. With Romance supporting you, it’s all love this month.

Lauren Cucinotta