Gemini New Moon Energy Reading


Happy Gemini New Moon! 🌑 When I️ asked the cards what is it that we are calling in, they answered with the King of Cups from the Aquarian Tarot, the Leopard/Nurturer of Branches from the Animal Wisdom Tarot, and the Full Moon card from the Arcana of Astrology deck...

It is time to fully embrace the fullness of all that we are. In terms of ourselves and what we have to offer the world, our cup runneth over and the world is calling for our full expression. The world is calling for us to be a lot, to be too much, to be bursting at the seams. We are being called to go to the very edge of what we see is possible for ourselves and the rest will be filled in, trust that. Our biggest heart is not too much for the world.

The Leopard/Nurturer of Branches serves us well here — you are fire and water. A serene disposition with an outgoing and feisty personality. You have the patience and the tools to bring your heart to the world in a way that it will be understood. You are needed in the world, go out and roam. 

Fitting that this message arrives on the precipice of summer — all that you’ve been holding back will be released now, and you will finally see things move forward now, it ways you could not have predicted.

Have faith in yourself, have faith in your abilities. 🔥

Lauren Cucinotta